Well, at least they'll be bored less....

Do you need some ideas of things to do with your kids during Christmas break?

How about:

Pipe Cleaner Animals 
Pipe Cleaner & PomPom creatures

Peel a hardboiled egg the cool way (my teenagers will love this!- but I'll do my own, thanks)   I'd blown eggs before, when they were raw, but had never heard you could use a similar technique when they're cooked!

Have you ever thought about the name "Play dough"?  I hadn't, until I bought a book called Kids' Ideas With Frozen Dough.  This book, printed by Rhodes Bread, who makes frozen bake-at-home bread dough, shows how to make butterflies, turtles, alligators, bees, dinosaurs, your name... all from regular bread dough.

As a mom, I detest play dough- it gets everywhere, and is usually abandoned someplace with its lid off, where it dries out.  But this-  Hey!  this is useful.  And edible.  I give my kids a lump of bread dough to play with, and later we bake and eat their creation.  If you want to make your own, see the Making Bread page.  You can even use biscuit dough, though it becomes tougher the more it's handled.  Yeast bread dough can take a lot  of abuse.

Now one more for anyone over about age 5: The Two-Second Shirt Fold
See it here,
then learn how to do it, here.  You'll be amazed.  Then you'll want to go fold all the shirts in your house!


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