My first-grade son needs a sea turtle costume...  and my daughter needs to be a (green?) mermaid the day before that.

We parents were told that the turtles need a long-sleeved green shirt, and either green leggings or green tights. 

Green tights seemed impractical - would I use them again?  He wouldn't!  And green leggings... well, same problem.  Besides, I didn't find either of them at the store.  I got thinking that maybe I'd just buy some green fabric and make them-

and then I stumbled across some way-too-big t-shirts on clearance, $2 apiece.  I looked at their long cuffed sleeves, and it hit me- they're the right size for small-boy-legs!  So, here's what I did.   I'll probably add a sparkly green posterboard tail to make it a mermaid.
If the elastic instructions are confusing, you can just make a regular casing and thread elastic through it.  Cut the elastic 1/2" longer for the casing method.  When you apply elastic the way I did in the slide show, the elastic is permanently stretched a little bit, requiring a tiny bit less length.


03/09/2012 08:55

Neat Rhonda! Very resourceful. It's been so helpful and rewarding to learn to improvise baking/cooking; now I feel more ready to work on improvising sewing more. Thanks for the step by step instructions; it helps me get ideas for improvising any project. "Sew" handy! : )

anona mead
03/21/2013 07:45

just a thought but if you have to have leggings in colours not normally worn for every day wear you could always use them as a pyjama bottoms. I don't think even the most discerning teddy bear would be that selective about their bed time partners lack of sartorial elegance!


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