Side note: if you have these flowers, too, you have an edible weed in your yard. This is "pepperweed", also called "tall whitetop" - Lepidium latifolium-, a perennial in the mustard family. The seeds are good to eat and taste like... yep, pepper. The leaves and stems are also edible and taste spicy, similar to watercress or arugula. - Just don't eat them if they've been sprayed with herbicide. See other posts on this site for more "free veggies"!
This was a fun project with my preschooler- quick and easy for me, fun for her. 

To draw the butterfly outline, first start with a 9" paper plate.  You can draw it completely freehand, or try to follow the instructions below.  :-) The double dotted line in the center is where you glue the body.  I used a twig (and folded the plate backwards along each line so the wings could flap a little), but other options include a craft stick or pipe cleaner -- cut a length double plus 2-3" longer than the body should be, fold in half, twist together, leaving the top 1- 1 1/2" free, for the antennae.

  Draw a line horizontally, 3/4" below the center of the plate.  This is the line that will separate the top wings from the bottom ones.  Make a mark about 1" in from each edge along this line, then draw a curved triangle at each side with the mark at its tip and its base at the plate edge.

Next, draw a faint line from top to bottom, through the center, perpendicular to the first line.  Make a mark 3 3/4" from the top, and another one 2 1/2" up from the bottom of the plate.  This will be where the wings touch.  Draw a curved triangle with its tip at the mark and its base at the plate edge. 

Wouldn't these make cute decorations for an outdoor party?  Picture them hung with fishing line from trees, perched on tables or shrubs...


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