Just printed this week, a cookbook that may become your go-to source for  your cooking:

The Chameleon Cook:
Cooking Well With What You Have

140 pages of adaptable core recipes, frugal cooking information, rules-of-thumb, and guidelines for cooking everyday food with what you have on hand, including how to adapt to cooking without eggs, dairy, sugar (honey instead), or wheat.  It also includes an index.

  At 5½“x 8½“ it's intended to be easy to fit in any size kitchen.  Any level of cook will find it useful, from beginners to old-hat.  I recommend it especially for college students, missionaries, newlyweds, or anyone wanting to expand their understanding of how to make a recipe work. 

  It has a laminated cover for durability, full-color cardstock chapter dividers with photos, and your choice of plastic coil binding or plastic comb binding.
Cost is $14 if purchased through me, $14.95 if bought retail.  Copies may be purchased at John and Jennie's Bosch Kitchen Center, Not Just Copies, and the Sandy Bosch Store.  You can order by calling (801) 541-6999, leaving a comment on this page, or emailing me at singyourwayhome@comcast.net

Chapters include:
-Introduction and Tips
-Appetizers (Snacks!) and Beverages,
-Soups and Salads
-Vegetables and Side Dishes
-Main Dishes
-Cookies and Candy
-This & That

Categories in Main Dishes include
-Beans (including cooking them from scratch, and how much is in a can)
-super-adaptable Red Sauce and White Sauce
(make your own Cream of Mushroom Soup and more)
-Meat, including how to make a cheap cut tender

Sections in This & That:
-Cooking Grains

-Dairy Foods
-Dehydrated Foods (both making and using them in your regular recipes)
-Home Remedies
-Homemade Cleaners
-Seasonings, Jam, and Syrups

Some recipes in the sections include:
-Edible Playdough
-Fruit and Nut Energy Bars
-Granola, Granola Bars
-Homemade "Honey Bunches and Oats"
-Brown Bag Popcorn
-Cream Cheese Spreads
-Making simple fresh cheese and cottage cheese
-Snow Ice Cream
-Sweetened Condensed Milk
(two versions- one using powdered milk, one using evaporated milk, cream, or half-and-half)
-Culturing Yogurt
-Apple Cider Syrup
(Lower Sugar Syrup)
-Five-Minute Marmalade and a dozen ways to use it
-Honey Mustard
-Quick Strawberry Jam
-Seasoned Flour
-Seasoned Salt
-Simple Syrup
and variations
-Home Remedies- Coughs, Insect Stings, Lowering Fever, Natural Deodorant
-Homemade Cleaners- Floor Cleaner, Furniture Polish, Laundry Soap, Liquid Soap, Carpet Spot Cleaner, Stain Remover, using vinegar, Window Cleaner.

If you need one (or more) shipped, I charge only the actual shipping cost plus the price of a padded envelope.

Call or e-mail today!



Chrissy Ford
09/01/2011 13:55

I would love 2 copies!

Holly Fail
09/01/2011 14:02

I would love a copy!

Aunt Julie
09/01/2011 15:02

Congratulations, Rhonda! It looks great! I'd like to order 5 for starters. :)

09/01/2011 15:44

I knew it was going to turn out great! You are amazing! I can't wait to see it and buy it!

Juliette Beecroft
09/01/2011 17:20

Yippey!!!! Go Rhonda I'm so excited to buy one!!!

09/01/2011 17:27

Hooray for you,Rhonda! I'd like 7 copies. I'm excited to see it and buy it!

Janice Anderson
09/15/2011 06:30

Sounds awesome! I would love 2 copies.

Jan Lamborn
10/24/2013 16:06

This has been an interesting, fun cookbook. I would like to order 8 copies for Christmas gifts. Could you please contact me? They have been sold out at Not Just Copies and at the Sandy Bosch store. Thanks so much.


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