The apron is made with two 15x25" flat-weave dish towels from a local discount store.  The apron below is from two dish towels from the dollar store.  The orange ones were in the Halloween decoration section, the red and blue in a Fourth of July decorations section.  It would have been cute to add a star-shaped pocket on the red and blue one, but that would require a third dish towel, since I wanted a flounce at the bottom of the apron.  

The whole thing takes under an hour to make if you're used to sewing.  How much less, I don't know because of my Mommy Sewing Method... you know the drill!   -Cut, iron, start stitching, pull out lunch for everybody, sit and eat with everyone, sit and sew, stop to get the Table-Clearer child back to do his job, iron, sew a little more, stop to get the youngest child down for a nap, sit and sew some more...

You could use the terrycloth dish towels for an extra-absorbent apron.  There are some cute dish towels sometimes!


11/01/2012 21:57

This is a fabulous fhe idea. In fact, I think I'm going to get some smaller dish towels so that my daughter can make a little one for herself too. She always wants to help in the kitchen, and this would really help out with keeping her cute little outfits clean.


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