I have a large freezer; this lets me stock up when perishables are on sale or overflowing in the garden.  The freezer is full of fruit, vegetables, butter, nuts, shredded cheese, and meat.
Having a freezer means extra expense to run it; to cut operating costs I have a manual-defrost freezer, which takes about 2/3 as much electricity to run.

The reason a freezer needs defrosted?  Each of the shelves in the freezer has cooling coils running through it.  Whenever you open the door, new air gets inside, and this air always has some moisture in it.  This moisture condenses on whatever is coldest- the coils- and freezes.  It gets thicker with time, and that layer of ice traps the cold.  This makes the freezer work harder and harder to cool.  Ice blanket= bad.   
Defrosting every 6 months is usually about right.  It's a little hassle, but pulling everything out reminds me of what all is in there. Seeing it all again= good.  

At any rate, you're trying to melt all the ice out of the freezer while NOT letting all that food thaw.  There are some tricks I've learned along the way to help with that.  Watch the slide show above to learn them.


10/08/2012 20:06

So what are the tricks that you have learned when defrosting your freezer and not have the food get bad in the process?

10/08/2012 22:43

The tricks are listed in the slide show. The biggest ones are to cover your food with thick blankets, and to use a ice scraper and then hair dryer to melt the ice.

10/09/2012 13:41

Thanks Rhonda!

10/25/2012 03:28

This was a very helpful post. Defrosting the freezer is a dreaded job for me. In fact, it needs to be done even as I type this. I am going to use your tips and get it done. I think your ideas will make the job MUCH easier. Actually, I don't own a hair dryer, so I may have to make an investment. Thanks for the info!

10/25/2012 04:09

You can come borrow mine if you like, as long as it's not gone on a Sunday. :-)

Good to hear from you!

02/13/2013 16:35

Pay attention to the tip about using gloves to remove all that food!! My finger tips were FREEZING!!! Getting ready to use the ice scraper!!!


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