The video above is collaboration from several faith groups- to everyone who has a mother, is a mother, or who simply 'mothers' others!

For Mothers' Day, my Primary counselors and I compiled some things from Primary this last year, below.  I hope you enjoy them!
Overheard in our Primary:

v  In the opening prayer on February 3:  “and please bless the Superbowl.”

v  “Choose the person with the blue shirt and the purple & black tie!” (said the boy with the blue shirt and the purple & black tie).

v  Family rules they’ve volunteered:  “No jumping on the bed” (then four others exclaimed, “Hey, that’s a rule at my house, too!”), “Laugh a lot”, “No dropping food on the floor for the dog”,  “Don’t run through the house and scare the cat.”,  “No wasting time”.

v  “I know my mom and dad love me ‘cause they play Monopoly with me even though they hate it”

v  “Why are you so old?”  (When Crystal told the children she might not always remember their names because she’s old.)

v  On a counselor's first Sunday in the presidency, one boy offered, “Smell my feet.  No, really, smell my feet!”

v  During a lesson on praying:  “Yeah, you can send smoke signals too because they go up to heaven.”

v  “But I don’t want to be a cow!”  (assigning roles for the Nativity)

v  Right after saying the prayer in Opening Exercises:  “That was fun!  Can I do it again?”
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The children have been writing down ways that they know Heavenly Father loves them and watches over them- come see our bulletin board! It’s covered with these paper hearts.  Here’s what some of them say:

v  He helped me…

…be thankful for my presents…

…feel better when I crashed

…be OK with having to pick up dog poop

…find my special pen

… be kind at my birthday party

… pray and be good so I won’t get mad

v  He comforted me when I was locked out of the house this weekend

v  He answers my prayers- my aunt was safe in surgery

v  We can be resurrected too

v  He created me

v  I’ll get to see my fish again

v  Jesus will come back

v  He watches over my cousin on a mission

v  I can live with Heavenly Father again

v  He gave me my baby sister

v  My hermit crabs

v  He helped my mom when she lost her finger

v  Having...   …a sun   …my teacher  …my family   …missionaries   …my pets   …life   …Jesus

Happy Mothers’ Day!



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