Have you ever needed the juice of half a lemon, or just a couple teaspoons of it, only to 1) not have a lemon, or 2) not want to mess with it?

I have.  Lots. 

Besides that, sometimes lemons are cheap, and sometimes they're pricey, so I stock up only when they're cheap.  To take advantage of good prices and a free hour in the day, I make frozen lemon juice.  Or lime juice.  Or grapefruit.  Whatever.  I usually do this when I have 3-12 of whichever fruit I'm using.
If you want to use or save the zest, start by washing and drying the fruit.  Take the zest off with a microplane, a zester, or a vegetable peeler, and set it aside on a plate.  To see one way of storing it for later, see Homemade Orange Flavoring.  

Juice the fruit, then pour the juice into ice cube trays.  My trays take 1 cup to fill the whole thing, which means each of the 14 spots holds just under  1 Tbsp.   Yours may be different.   After they're frozen, pop them out and store in a ziptop bag.  Be sure to label it.

One medium lemon contains 2-3 tablespoons of juice, so 2-3 cubes will be the right amount.  One lime has about 1 1/2 - 2 Tbsp. of juice, so 2 cubes is about right for a whole one. 

When I want some warm lemon water, I heat a cupful of water, then drop a lemon juice cube into it and stir to melt. 

These are also good to toss into a pan sauce, especially for chicken or fish.

And if you add one to a fruit smoothie, it perks up the flavor.

You'll find a ton of ways to use these!  -what are your favorites?



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